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We hope you will spend quite a lot of time surfing SiteStudio. It's actually real fun to create a website yourself. Let's become an Artist for a while! View here our Templates here.

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We are pleased to announce SiteStudio, our online web site builder that allows a user to easily create a professional web site using just their web browser! If you can use a web browser to surf the internet, or a word processor to create a document, you can use SiteStudio. You now have the choice of using SiteStudio when using our web hosting, or using our Free Web Designs that we have been offering for years.

SiteStudio Introduction

Have you ever felt amazed at how things changed over the last years? The Internet has become as common as the telephone. E-mail makes people totally forget about the existence of regular mail. Having a web site is now more important than having a business card.

Actually, many people now think that having one web site is not enough. Really, would you present yourself the same way to your potential employers, family members and former schoolmates? Of course not! On the first site you would probably place your professional resume --and will refer to it in an employment classified. On the second, you would place new pictures of you and your fiance --you may want to share them with your parents in Minnesota and your sister in Paris. On the third, you will open a picture gallery out of the old school pics--maybe, this will help you find your old good friend whose trace you lost many years ago...

And so, you have decided to make up your own website. High time! But do you know enough HTML? Or do you want to create your site using a text editor? In either case, you will end up spending days and days to have your site look attractive and getting all things work. Not the best solution. Or, maybe, you want to pay hundreds of dollars for the web designer to do the job?

Well, here is the solution. We will save your time and efforts, and what's even more important, you can be personally involved in the Art of Web Design. To create a professional-looking web site using SiteStudio, you don't need any special knowledge or experience. The wizard-like program structure will guide you through the whole site-construction process step by step. Now you become a web designer, a creator, an Artist! You can juggle around with page layouts, colors, themes, add various effect and much, much more, everything with a single mouse click! Within a half hour you can have your site created and published on the Internet!

SiteStudio Features:

  • Simple to use: SiteStudio guides you step-by-step, providing simple choices regarding color, style and images. There is no software to buy, and no code to learn. In addition, there is no need to mess around with programs such as FTP or Telnet.
  • Content and Design Separation: The content of the website is stored separately from the layout. This way, you can completely change the look and feel of their website in six clicks of the mouse, without ever having to retype any information.
  • Complete control over color schemes: SiteStudio includes a number of built-in color combinations that look great with any layout. But if you want to add a little originality to your site, all the colors can be changed, either by using a point-and-click color picker, or, for even more control, typing in the color as a hex number.
  • Layout templates: the layout of the site is controlled by layout templates. These are created in HTML enhanced by a few additional tags for generating images. SiteStudio comes with 71 layout templates in total, where Personal category shares 21 layouts and Small Business category - 50 layouts. More layouts are added periodically.
  • On-the-fly image generation: SiteStudio dynamically generates the images it needs for each web site design, so each time you decide to change the color combination for a page, the layout, or just a button caption, the necessary image is automatically created. You need not ever bother with complex and expensive programs such as Photoshop to create web sites with clean and professional-looking graphics: it is already done for you!
  • User-uploaded images: Thanks to the Image Uploader, you are able to transfer images to their online account without ever having to leave your browsers. These images can be incorporated into page content or even page design.
  • Variety of pages: SiteStudio can be used to make many different pages. Create an online resume, or fee schedule page, or a page with information about the appraisal process, or a password protected page with information just for your clients or co-workers. Everything is done in a simple step-by-step process that is easy to learn and to follow.
  • One-click publishing: Your website is published with one easy click. But even after publishing, you can go back and change it as much as you wish. Clicking the publish button again will instantly make all the changes made be reflected on the "live" version of the site.
  • Persistence: All of your information is saved the moment it is entered. If you decide to log out, you can come back and continue building your web site from the very point where you left off.
  • Complete control over the website: With the use of Site Studio's provided settings, you can make unique and attractive web sites.
  • Advanced full screen text/HTML Rich Editor: browser-based text editor for Internet Explorer for Windows users only. It empowers SiteStudio users to work with formatting, styles, tables, bullets and more. Rich Editor allows to copy and paste the most complex tables from a web browser or from any Office applications.

Take SiteStudio for a test drive: Free SiteStudio Demo (opens in new window)